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Shin Roo-mi runs a successful fried chicken restaurant in a traditional market area. She becomes involved in a real estate battle with the mob-run construction company, Tae-san. The company plans to demolish the local small businesses and construct a large shopping center for Chinese tourists. One night while Roo-mi is forcibly evicted from her shop by the Tae-san’s thugs, her mother is accidentally killed in the violent clash. Roo-mi contacts her estranged father, Shin Seok-heon, to inform him of the death and subsequent funeral. Psychokinesis

Seok-heon, a security guard who engages in petty theft, gains telekinetic powers after he drinks water from a mountain spring hit by a meteor. He arrives at his ex-wife’s funeral where he witnesses a confrontation between his daughter and President Min, who manages Tae-san’s operations. Min attempts to compensate Roo-mi for her loss, which she furiously rejects and demands that he leave the funeral. Seok-heon learns more about the turf war from Kim Jung-hyun, an attorney at law and Roo-mi’s friend. Seok-heon tries to reconnect with Roo-mi but she is still hurt from his abandonment of her when she was a child. When he later tries to demonstrate his newfound ability, Roo-mi accuses Seok-heon of being an irresponsible parent. Psychokinesis

The local shop owners join Roo-mi in a shared legal battle against Tae-san as they have been refused compensation for the loss of their businesses. While they barricade themselves in a shopping arcade, Tae-san’s thugs arrive and begin beating them. Seok-heon arrives and uses his powers to fight off the assailants, leaving everybody around him in shock and wonder. When Min attempts to report the events to the police, the officer on duty does not believe him, which greatly delights the shop owners as they are glad to have Seok-heon on their side. Psychokinesis

Seok-heon further uses his telekinesis to build a large barricade around the market area, protecting the local businesses. Meanwhile, Min meets up with Director Hong, the owner of Tae-san. She is aware of Seok-heon’s powers and to protect Tae-san, she orders Min to shut down his business and pretend that the development contract has been terminated, before starting another company under a different name and drawing up a new contract to demolish the local businesses. She uses her connections to gain support from the police and creates a diversion by having Seok-heon arrested under false charges. After removing Seok-heon from the situation, Min and his thugs order the riot police and SWAT teams to arrest the shop owners and destroy the barricade. Roo-mi and the shop owners flee to a nearby building with the police in pursuit.

After seeing the situation on the news, Seok-heon breaks out of his jail cell and musters the ability to fly. He flies to the site and sees one of the shop owners falling from a balcony in the midst of the pursuit. Seok-heon rescues him and places him on a safe building. As the shop owners reach the rooftop of another building, the SWAT team arrives via a shipping container suspended on a crane. They capture Roo-mi and drag her onto the container. Unfortunately, the crane malfunctions and Roo-mi falls out of the container. Seok-heon swoops in and saves her, before leaving her in the care of the escaped shop owners. He confronts Min, who is in attendance with the riot police, and kills him before turning himself into the police. Psychokinesis

Four years later, Seok-heon is released from prison and is picked up by Jung-hyun, who announces his engagement to Roo-mi. They visit the location where Roo-mi’s restaurant used to be, which is now empty and unoccupied land. Jung-hyun explains that Taesan’s project was ultimately not profitable and construction has been delayed.

They arrive at Roo-mi’s new restaurant, where Seok-heon reunites with his daughter and the local shop owners. He then uses his powers to serve drinks to the customers, much to everyone’s delight. It is then revealed that Roo-mi named her new restaurant, “Superpower Chicken”. Psychokinesis

Duration: 101 min


IMDb: 5.8

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