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A police investigator examines reality behind his accomplice’s passing. The strange case uncovers aggravating police debasement and a hazardous mystery including a far-fetched young lady.

“The essayist/executive battled to have his name legitimately expelled from the motion picture.” – IMDB Trivia

The fun little snippet of data expressed above is valid, and truly lets you know all that you have to think about Exposed, which is a puzzle of sorts endeavoring to investigate police defilement, religion, and rape. The issue is that everything is so inconceivable and confused, that nothing ever bodes well. It’s no big surprise why the man behind everything battled the law to supplant the credits with a pen name. You would as well on the off chance that you were the person that invoked this crap.

Obviously, there was a cluster of studio obstruction that moved the focal point of the plot to the character of Keanu Reeves as an investigator managing family issues, however in the event that you need my legit assessment, this motion picture was finished refuse from the earliest starting point and there wasn’t a solitary thing anybody could have done to spare it.

The huge curve itself is very hostile in light of what it recommends with respect to the connection amongst’s assault and religion. I haven’t the faintest fucking thought how somebody could really embed what occurs into the account and reach the determination that it was a smart thought or something intense that will impact anybody that isn’t an extraordinary gauge Bible thumper. To be reasonable, even those individuals will watch this motion picture and most likely say to themselves “what the hell”.

Story aside, Exposed has hands-down a portion of the most horrible film altering at any point put to screen. There is an arrangement some place at an opportune time in the film where it shifts from a scene of Keanu Reeves conversing with his manager, at that point to one of the various and irritating religious sermons, to a character washing his puppy (truly, what the hell, it’s a standout amongst the most trivial scenes I’ve ever found in a motion picture), and basically just continues bouncing starting with one insignificant minute then onto the next. Characters will likewise run from being irate with each other to needing to fuck starting with one scene then onto the next, with no clarification. I’m amazed there really was a content, since what is here is completely arbitrary and scattershot to confusing levels.

And afterward there are the powerful hints, where the female courageous woman of the story experiences different heavenly attendants that obviously look totally absurd. They simply look like irregular individuals getting dressed for a disguise party. Ana de Armas additionally comes up short at evoking any feeling, however it’s extremely difficult to blame her given how disconnected and wretched the material is that she needs to put to the screen.

This additionally isn’t the primary motion picture that Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves has shared the screen together in (they were inverse each other in Eli Roth’s trashy great fun blood and guts movie Knock) and realizing that they have already had great science, well, it makes everything the all the more frustrating that they just get one minute together. The whole film is fundamentally Keanu Reeves total sure that she is associated with the murder of a degenerate cop, as he just thinks of a great many excuses not to seek Exposed  after her.

Throwing Keanu Reeves in a criminologist spine chiller, for example, this is as of now befuddling, considering that he isn’t a decent performing artist in the first place unless he is given a weapon, advised to shoot a cluster of terrible folks, and say “WHOA”. He tries to play his character with the cool, quiet and gathered air that a substantially more skilled on-screen character like Tom Hanks would infuse into the execution, however since Tom Hanks clearly needed no part in this (his specialist presumably simply set the content ablaze on the off chance that he even got a duplicate) the chief essentially just disclosed to Keanu Reeves “resemble Tom Hanks”! Keanu Reeves gets to have a Nicolas Cage losing-his-crap style minute however as he starts shouting and Exposed punching the guiding wheel of his auto, so there’s a little triumph.

To call Exposed one of the most Exposed exceedingly bad motion pictures of the year would affront to the next horrendous discharges that have turned out and will turn out amid the rest of the year. This isn’t only a terrible film by 2016 guidelines, yet one of the most noticeably bad motion pictures I’ve ever found in my life. Indeed, even Adam Sandler has his work slice out endeavoring to exceed this one in shittiness.

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 4.3

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