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Samantha “Sam” is a stranded young lady who moves to a disengaged lodging in North Jakarta, attempting to keep away from the advances of her deviant stepfather. The proprietor of the house, Yanti, discloses to her that the house was already a batik manufacturing plant of Mangkoedjiwo family, with its present pioneer, Raden Ayu Sri Sukmarahimi Mangkoedjiwo having loaned the house under a condition that the second floor is bolted up with nobody permitted inside. While posting different limitations, incorporating about a seat before a Javanese mirror in Sam’s room, Yanti drones durmo, a Javanese sonnet said to have the capacity to bring Kuntilanak, a female phantom  Kuntilanak with a large portion of the body of a steed supposed to live in a sobbing fig before the house. In the interim, Sam specifies her repetitive bad dreams of a lady in a discharge with a Kuntilanak to her beau, Agung. Agung gains from his unusual companion, Iwank, and his mom that the Mangkoedjiwo is for quite some time  Kuntilanak supposed to be a dark enchantment group keeping up a Kuntilanak, itself must be gathered by classical articles. At the house, Sam becomes friends with Dinda, who discloses to her that there are really three different mirrors indistinguishable to the one in Sam’s room: two of which are in herself and Ratih’s rooms. Kuntilanak

At some point, Sam defies the guideline about the mirror, witnessing a Kuntilanak all the while. Her neighbor, Mawar, who is with her beau (when guys are illegal to venture on the third floor), debilitates to murder Sam, yet Sam all of a sudden enters a stupor and serenades durmo, making her vomit slimy parasites and appear an odd scar and additionally making Mawar have nosebleed. At a motel, Mawar is executed when an electric fan drops on her neck. The following night, Sam endeavors to look on the second floor, yet is badgering by a neighbor, Alfon. She goes into a stupor and serenades durmo once more. Frequented by alarming specters, Alfon endeavors to escape however is slaughtered in a fender bender. In the light of ongoing occasions, Sri Sukma pays visit to the house. Yanti apologizes for her silly demonstration in acquainting durmo with Sam, despite the fact that Sri Sukma says that it is her fate to keep it. While perusing a book about Mangkoedjiwo industrial facility in Iwank’s home, Sam detects the sentence Sing kuat sing melihara (“the solid one is the one that experts [Kuntilanak]”). Amid a contention with Agung, Sam drones durmo; the following day, she learns Agung has vanished. She hears Agung’s black out cries from the second floor. Sam examines Agung’s vanishing with Dinda, however misjudges Dinda’s solace as her being pulled in to Agung. Reciting durmo, Sam goes out when Dinda goes out to wash up where she is executed by Kuntilanak. Kuntilanak

Having had enough, Sam breaks over to the second floor and discovers Agung seeping before the fourth mirror Dinda beforehand neglected to specify. She is stood up to by Sri Sukma, who clarifies that the Mangkoedjiwo does  Kuntilanak for sure keep up a Kuntilanak gathered by a wangsit (an extraordinary order) kept by their beneficiaries, however since Sri Sukma can’t manage youngsters, she has picked Sam as the following bearer of the wangsit. At the point when Sam cannot, Sri Sukma drones durmo to bring Kuntilanak, however Sam counters with her very own durmo, inevitably winning out when Sri Sukma has nosebleed. Arguing Sam not to slaughter her, Sri Sukma says that the  Kuntilanak Kuntilanak can be ceased by expelling its passage to the living scene; by breaking all mirrors. Sam figures out how to break the mirrors in her, Dinda, and Ratih’s rooms, yet overlooks the one in the second floor sufficiently long before Kuntilanak kills Sri Sukma. Two phantom kids seem to take Sam, who figures out how to break free, just to be cornered by Kuntilanak. Be that as it may, she ceaselessly drones Sing kuat sing melihara until the point that the Kuntilanak obeys and returns to the mirror. The following day, Sam chooses to keep the mirror so she could utilize it for her very own deeds, exasperating Agung. She joyfully drones durmo as phantoms of Kuntilanak leave the mirror. Kuntilanak

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 6.2