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    The story begins with Sushrut’s otherwise known as Susu’s (Aayush Sharma) instructor, who discounts his educational cost charge to his folks as he supposes Sushrut is totally unambitious. His dad is constantly tired of requesting that he plan his future however he is screwed over thanks to his fantasy of opening a Garba institute. Loveyatri

    The story at that point movements to London where Michelle (Warina Hussain) is a splendid undergrad. Her dad, Sameer/Sam (Ronit Roy) possesses a chain of clothing there. Their relatives trick them by faking Natthu’s (Manoj Joshi) heart assault as they need them to come to Baroda. Panicked, they achieve India and discover reality. On everyone’s request, they intend to remain there for 9 days until the celebration of Navaratri. Loveyatri

    At Garba, Sushrut sees and experiences passionate feelings for Michelle at first sight. His closest companions uncover her data from her relative Khusboo. Loveyatri

    With his Garba vocalist uncle Rasik’s (Ram Kapoor) guidance he intends to enchant Michelle. According to design while performing Garba, Susu remains around Michelle and she unintentionally hits dandiya on his eye. He fakes damage. She calls him to apologize. Sushrut goes about as though he was profoundly harmed. Loveyatri

    He invests energy with Michelle and they turned out to be great companions. Khushboo sees them together and says to Susu that she will uncover reality to Michelle. Susu is scared and uncovers reality himself to Michelle. Michelle says she effectively comprehended that the damage was phony as he goofed up and wrapped the erroneous side of his brow. Likewise, he kept the gauze only for multi day at that point neglected to put it. Loveyatri

    Michelle takes him to her mom’s NGO, which given ladies work. It had closed down after her demise when Michelle was 10 years of age. Prior, when Michelle was 4 years of age, Sam went to London to win cash to help her mom’s fantasies yet couldn’t return because of his business and migration issues. Her mom kicked the bucket sitting tight for her father. Michelle uncovers her fantasy of reviving the NGO. She likewise uncovers her genuine name Manisha which was changed by Sam after she moved to London post her mother’s passing. Sushrut chooses he will call her by the name Manisha. Loveyatri

    Before long, Sam becomes more acquainted with about Michelle and Sushrut from Khushboo. He calls Sushrut on a Ferris haggle that there is a contrast between them, like the best and base of the wheel. He requests that he avoid Michelle as there is a gigantic distinction between their status and class. He likewise lies, that she is involved with Chris. Michelle gets an email that she got admission to London’s best business college. She is exceptionally upbeat and arranges a pizza party for Sushrut and his companions. Out of bliss, she educates the compensation bundle of the school (in the wake of graduating) is 85000 pounds (75 lakhs INR). Sushrut expect she is flaunting and furthermore going behind his back with Chris. He affronts her gravely at the eatery. She doesn’t react and leaves from the eatery. Loveyatri

    Later Sushrut’s companions’ illuminate to Rasik about the occurrence. On Rasik’s request, Sushrut understands his misstep and needs to apologize. At the point when Michelle is returning to London, Sushrut and his companions attempt to achieve the Ahmadabad air terminal from Baroda to stop her yet their activa meets a mischance in transit and they can’t reach. Loveyatri

    10 months cruise by. Sushrut still recalls Michelle and strives for approaches to London. At long last, he gets an open door when Rasik’s Garba troop gets an agreement to perform in London. He satisfies the officer by doing garba in his visa meet and gets the visa and achieves London. While looking for Michelle, he recalls and goes to ‘Safe house Home’ where Michelle volunteers each Sunday. He meets her and apologizes. Michelle shares her number and guarantees to meet him. Loveyatri

    The following day he spends time with Michelle and her companions and meets Chris, and accept him to be her beau. He gets envious and feels awful when Michelle addresses Chris. Loveyatri

    Heart broken he goes to a bar where Rasik persuades him by revealing to him Indians find out about affection from motion pictures. He educates him regarding Yash Chopra, Sooraj Barjatya, Aamir Khan (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak), Shahrukh Khan (Veer-Zaara), Salman Khan (Tere Naam) and requests to announce his affection to Michelle. The following day he sees London with Michelle and her companions and is spotted by Sam. At that point on the Tower Bridge (London Bridge), Sushrut communicates his adoration and addresses her about Chris expecting him to be her sweetheart. Loveyatri

    He calls his companions and comes to realize that Negative and Kushboo have turned into a couple. They additionally inspire him to address Michelle again as Michelle had never educated him concerning Chris specifically. Loveyatri

    Sam meets Sushrut again and reminds about the status hole between them by demonstrating to him the Ferris wheel London Eye. Shushrut understands that Sam had indoctrinated him about Chris and goes up against him. With the end goal to outline Sushrut, Sam breaks his very own auto’s window and puts Sushrut’s hand on his neckline. Police come and captures Sushrut. Gujrati Police officers Jignesh (Sohail Khan) and Bhavesh (Arbaaz khan) sets him free subsequent to hearing his story while everyone is scanning for Sushrut. Loveyatri

    Michelle meets Rasik lastly becomes more acquainted with, that Sam misled Sushrut about Chris. She stands up to Sam about it and about her affection and NGO dreams. She discloses to Sam that he has constantly forced his decisions on her however she needs to be with Sushrut She keeps running down where Shushrut is holding up with Rasik and Garba party. She educates Sushrut that Chris is gay and not her beau. Sam at last needed to concur for their marriage when Jignesh and Bhavesh undermined him that they have the CCTV recording of him breaking the auto windows and they will capture him in the event that he doesn’t concur for the marriage. Loveyatri

    Toward the end, they come back to India and Michelle satisfies her fantasy to revive her mom’s NGO and Sushrut opens his own Garba foundation. The last articulation states they lived cheerfully ever after. Loveyatri