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Rumi (Taapsee Pannu) is a free-lively, vivacious young lady who is infatuated with unconstrained and similarly stricken (Vicky Kaushal), a young fellow sitting tight for his music break and low maintenance DJ. One day they are caught in the act by Rumi’s family and weight works for them to get hitched. Solid headed and obstinate, Rumi guarantees her family that Vicky will accompany his folks to request her turn in marriage and on the off chance that he doesn’t show up, she will wed whomever her family needs. Be that as it may, anxious and juvenile, Vicky more than once experiences some sudden nerves and continues staying away from Rumi’s ask for to bring his folks over, making her be embarrassed before her family.

Inevitably, she abandons him and consents to an orchestrated marriage with Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan), a broker. He is a develop and gentle natured young fellow. He rapidly acknowledges she as of now has a sweetheart named Vicky yet consents to marriage. Rumi acknowledges the proposition yet the night prior to the marriage Vicky shows up and beseeches her for one final possibility. Rumi consents to abscond with him. She visits Robbie and proclaims she can’t wed him all things considered. Robbie discreetly thinks about what she has said and considers the nearby relational arranger to push Vicky’s folks in persuading their child that wedding Rumi would be an oversight. Vicky’s folks debilitate him, and terrified of responsibility, Vicky endeavors to shake off their admonitions and drive to Rumi’s home. Finally, in any case, he turns around the auto and backs off, crying the distance. A heart broken and numb Rumi is demonstrated sitting tight for Vicky one final time. Manmarziyaan

Robbie and Rumi get hitched the following day. She is far off and unapproachable amid their special night and covertly sobs for the loss of her genuine romance. All through, Robbie is appeared to be understanding with her. Whenever Rumi and Robbie perfect the marriage she angrily educates Vicky by means of content, who accordingly sends her a video of himself with another young lady. Rumi who had gradually been getting settled with Robbie, suddenly announces she needs to return home. Manmarziyaan

Returning home she faces Vicky and requested that he proceed onward. With time, Rumi becomes progressively connected to Robbie. They bond over drinking whisky one night. Notwithstanding when Vicky appears to uncover to Robbie everything about his and Rumi’s past, Rumi discloses to Robbie that she needs to remain with him not Vicky. Robbie inquires as to whether she adores him. She answers unassumingly that she will develop to cherish him. He grins and advises her that despite Manmarziyaan everything she has a decision and that she should recall that, she can reveal to him anything that is in her heart. Manmarziyaan

In spite of guaranteeing Robbie that she needs to stay with him, Rumi winds up laying down with Vicky when she sees him next. Completely befuddled and baffled, not recognizing what she needs, she doesn’t know how she will confront Robbie now. Soon thereafter, she cries in Robbie’s arms. He’s somewhat confounded however comforts her everything the equivalent. Manmarziyaan

Everything breaks the day Robbie pursues Rumi and winds up observing her with Vicky. He catches Vicky asking her, “Whom do you see when you have intercourse to him?” Rumi can’t answer this inquiry, Robbie goes to a bar, grief stricken and disregards Rumi throughout the following two days. At the point when stood up to by Rumi he says that he heard everything. He presumes that their marriage was a trick and reminds Rumi that she had dependably had the decision but then she deceived him and went in the face of his good faith. Robbie admits that he cherished Rumi through everything except for she and Vicky merit one another. The following day, Robbie apologizes to Rumi for his upheaval yet additionally petitions for a cancellation. Rumi begins missing Robbie’s essence in spite of currently having Vicky back. Vicky at long last goes to her home with his folks and discusses their future together. Feasting out with his family, her sister calls and reveals to her that Robbie was here to convey whatever is left of the things given to them in their marriage. Rumi hearing this news keeps running back to her home just to get a look at him  Manmarziyaan however discovers him passed when she comes to. Rumi understands that she was infatuated with Robbie and that the adoration she had for Vicky hadn’t ever had a similar profundity.

The day of her revocation, Rumi reveals to Vicky that they had been an incredible couple without being hitched however she didn’t figure they could be as extraordinary after marriage. She says that she had been fortunate that he was her first love however she knew in her heart that he wasn’t prepared for marriage all things considered and requests that he released her. At first hesitant, Vicky in the long run says farewell to Rumi an enthusiastic. Rumi meets Robbie in court. They both sign the papers in spite of delay on the two closures. Robbie offers to walk Rumi back home. In transit, Rumi discloses to him that since her folks had passed on when she was exceptionally youthful, her entire family had spoilt her. She answers all the unanswered inquiries Robbie asked her previously. Robbie discloses to her that in spite of knowing everything about her past, when he saw her image, he extremely loved her. He makes reference to how regardless he does. Achieving their goal, they offer their farewells. Manmarziyaan

Rumi inquires as to whether he was still in Facebook or hindered her. Robbie grins and requests that her send a companion demand and he will acknowledge. Rumi sends him a companion ask for that moment and sits tight for his reaction. While strolling back home, Robbie takes out his telephone, opens her profile and sees that she has proceeded onward from the “Vicky Phase” and changed her profile picture to one of her wedding photographs. Seeing this, Robbie opens his arms and Rumi keeps running into them. She is at long last content with her choice and knows where her heart genuinely lies. Manmarziyaan

Duration: 156 min


IMDb: 7.0

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