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Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours

Dr. Sethuraman (Suriya) is a presumed researcher and watchmaker who lives with his significant other Priya (Nithya Menen) and infant child Mani in a manor with a lab at Megamalai. In January 1990, on his birthday he creates a watch utilizing which a man can go forward and backward in time for a most extreme of 24 hours. His insidious twin sibling Athreya (Suriya) attempts to take the watch and executes Priya all the while. Sethuraman escapes with Mani and sheets a train. Before Athreya  Open 24 Hours arrives, he hands Mani to a traveler named Sathyabama (Saranya Ponvannan) and argues her to spare his child. Athreya slaughters Sethuraman and is truly harmed trying to get away. Sathyabama’s dad (Girish Karnad) is against her choice to spare Mani, and she leaves with him for Chennai to respect the guarantee given to Sethuraman. Open 24 Hours

after 26 years, Mani (Suriya) turns into a watchmaker who thinks about Sathyabama as his natural mother. An incapacitated Athreya awakens from trance like state and chooses to discover the watch; he would like to return to 1990 and spare himself from the mischance. In a progression of episodes, Mani discovers Dr. Sethuraman’s watch and investigates its forces. Utilizing them, he figures out how to awe Sathya (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), his customer who hails from Sathyabama’s local place  Open 24 Hours Gopalasamudram. Athreya’s nearby helper Mithran (Ajay) issues an ad offering five crores to the person who discovers Dr. Sethuraman’s watch. Counting Mani, many set up the copy of the watch and submit them. Be that as it may, Athreya detects Mani’s plan exact, separates his arm and slaughters him, in this way picking up ownership of the watch. Open 24 Hours

Athreya is stunned to realize that the watch can just enable him to go forward and backward just for 24 hours and chooses to resuscitate Mani. Mithran places the watch on Mani’s correct hand and takes off. Mani gets up next morning and is stunned as he wore the watch on his correct hand. He makes a trip back to the previous evening and furtively pursues Mithran. Athreya predicts this and figures out how to trick Mani with Mithran’s assistance that he is Sethuraman who made due from Athreya as a paraplegic. Mani gains from Sathyabama that Sethuraman abandoned him in the train and confronted Athreya in another compartment. Open 24 Hours

Mani leaves with Sathyabama for Gopalasamudram and joins her with her offended family. He additionally comes to realize that Sathya is Sathyabama’s niece, and the couple begin to look all starry eyed at. Athreya touches base with Mithran and persuades everybody including Mani that he is Sethuraman and that Athreya is dead. Sathya finds out about Athreya’s personality later and endeavors to uncover it to Mani. Be that as it may, Athreya figures out how to tumble from a staircase and Mani, uninformed of the truth, goes back in time and spares him. Sathya overlooks Athreya’s personality and expect that he is Sethuraman. Open 24 Hours

Mani gains from Mithran that his dad will pass on soon and wishes to see Priya for one final time by heading out back so as to 1990. Mani adjusts the watch and tests it, which uncovers reality about Athreya’s character. He traps Athreya to tell about the date and time of Priya’s passing and gives him a phony watch. Mani utilizes the first watch to head out back so as to 1990 and Athreya joins him by contacting the genuine watch being used. Open 24 Hours

In January 1990, Sethuraman and Priya recognize the changed watch on their infant’s hand. At first euphoric, Sethuraman faculties peril; he feels that Mani came back to a little child’s age as they may not be alive when he could talk. Athreya, now youthful and sound, assaults Sethuraman to discover the watch. Sethuraman and Priya escape with Mani, and Athreya inadvertently slaughters Mithran. Priya and Mani cover up in a room, as Athreya faces Sethuraman in the garden. Sethuraman solidifies the time and lays Athreya before a shot, along these lines killing him. He at that point escapes with Priya and Mani and sheets a similar train. They meet Sathyabama and Sethuraman consents to instruct science to youngsters in a school built by her dad in Gopalasamudram. The film closes with youthful Mani talking with Satya. Open 24 Hours

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