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U Turn

U Turn

Rachana (Samantha Akkineni), an assistant with The Times of India, is taking a shot at an article on the episodes at a Hyderabad flyover. She additionally really likes the wrongdoing journalist Aditya (Rahul Ravindran), whose assistance she looks for research material on mishaps on the flyover. She finds that every day a few drivers move the solid obstructs that segment the street just to take a brisk U-turn and stay away from the activity. They don’t move them back and the squares are left to lie haphazardly out and about prompting numerous mishaps. A vagrant sitting on the flyover notes down the vehicle quantities of workers who abuse the standard to take the U-turn and gives the rundown to Rachana. She gets the subtle elements of the guilty parties utilizing her contact in the rush hour gridlock office, with the expectation of going up against them for their “alternate way” and composing an article for the paper. Her endeavor to meet the main individual on the rundown goes futile. Later that day, the police arrest her and blame her for killing a similar individual she needed to meet. She is stunned and reveals to her side of the story. Despite the fact that the senior cop rejects it, sub-monitor Nayak (Aadhi Pinisetty), thinks that its convincing and does some examination. It is uncovered that every one of the people Rachana has on her rundown have submitted suicide. They likewise seen that they have submitted suicide that day they took the wrong “u-turn”. Rachana and Nayak locate another number has been noted by the vagrant which is to be conveyed to Rachana the following day. The team follow the deliver and attempt to safeguard the man, a legal counselor, who has taken the u-turn around the same time. As nothing appears to be suspicious, both leave just to experience the plain demise of the legal counselor whom they acted the hero.

Later Rachana endeavors to stand up to the vagrant for the wounds in the fly-over. In the interim, she see two young fellows disregard the U-Turn and reports it to Nayak. Nayak secures them up an old Police bolt up to spare them. In any case, they begin battling and in the long amazing the nose of the police.

With no chance to get of finding the genuine reason for the demise of the guilty parties, Rachana herself takes the wrong u-turn and trusts that something will occur. The person who has been murdering the guilty parties is a lady named Maya (Bhumika Chawla), in light of the fact that she and her little girl Aarna passed on in a mischance because of the solid barricades that were moved by the offenders with the end goal to clear a path for their u-turn. Utilizing her heavenly powers, Maya attempts to slaughter Rachana also. Be that as it may, Rachana guarantees to discover the individual who was in charge of Maya’s demise. Maya concurs. Rachana, with the assistance of Nayak, attempts to discover the individual who moved the squares upon the arrival of Maya’s mischance. They discover the telephone number and address of the person who moved the square. Rachana composes this on an inflatable and abandons it on the flyover for Maya to discover.

Disturbed by the accompanying occasions, Rachana attempts to get the number she discovered before. It ends up being Aditya’s work portable number. Crushed she goes up against Aditya and educates him that because of his carelessness a mother and girl lost their lives. Aditya says it was not him who made the U turn. He only traded his bicycle with a technician. In the last turn, it is uncovered that the person who moved the square was Maya’s very own better half. Maya’s phantom is holding up in Aditya’s home to murder him, when Maya’s significant other whom Rachna has educated about the occasions turns up and discloses to Maya that it was a result of him that they lost their lives. He at that point attempts to submit suicide by bouncing from the gallery. Maya’s apparition spares him and reveals to him that his discipline is to endure in this world with the blame of slaughtering his significant other and daughter.[1]

Duration: 128 min


IMDb: 7.5

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